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Ancient Egyptian Zodiac!

Ancient Egyptian Zodiacs!

Bastet Bastet (16 Jan – 15 Feb)
She represents joy, dance, music and holidays, as well as her non-gentleness qualities such as anger and predation. With the historical development, it has been coupled in the late ages with the ravenous and predatory gods

Stolen Selket (16 Feb – 15 Mar)
Is the goddess of fertility, nature, animals, medicine, magic and healing of poisonous stings in the ancient Egyptian religion, originally deification of the Scorpion. It was stolen (also known as the trod)

Apophis Apep (16 March – 15 April)
It is the evil snake in the ancient Egyptian mythology, and it is considered the symbol of evil, thus it is the enemy of “Ramzi Al Khair” Ra and the “Truth and Justice”., Abu Fils embodies all that is evil, Apophis was seen as the greatest enemy of them, and so the title of “Enemy RA”

Petah Ptah (16 April – 15 May)
The symbol (Memphis) is strong. The artists ‘ machine and their protectors. It lies the strength of the process of creation that do in the word and its way of creating it stands on the heart and tongue the heart is inspired by the idea for the tongue that pronounce it His trinity is from him and his wife is silly and their son is a turnoff atom.

Atom Atum (16 May-15 June)
He is one of the most important Egyptian gods, his name means “full” or “full”, his name was associated with a number of Egyptian deities, such as Ra, Ptah, and eventually with Osiris.
Atom himself created himself on the crest of the Eternal Hill in the eternal waters of “N”, and then he is the creator of the world, then he created Air “Shaw” and Moisture “tafut” and then created the Earth “the” and the Sky “note”

ISIS Isis (16 June – 15 July)
She is the Lord of the Moon and motherhood of the ancient Egyptians. Her slave is the ancient Egyptians, the Ptolemaic and the Romans. Isis became a prominent figure in the group of Egyptian gods because of the legend of Osiris. ISIS’s cult in the reign of Ptolemaic and Greece stretched beyond Egypt’s borders, and it had its temples, priests, festivals and religious secrets all over the Roman world, where it became the Lord of the Universe: “I am the mother of all nature, and the lady of all elements, the origin of time and the Supreme Lord, the wisest high heaven.” And the good sea breeze and the stillness of the desolate hell… ”

RA (16 July-15 August)
The God of the sun in the Egyptians, he was a major god in the ancient Egyptian religion, and he was symbolized by the Sun’s disc at noon. In later eras in the history of Egyptian ruling families. And Ra was born every day in the morning in the East and the sky code and dies in the evening in the west and there they travel in the lower world all night and then they breed again He is the son of the Gods “nun” and the Father of the gods “Hathor” and “Sakmat”.

Hor (Horus) Horus (16 August-15 September)
He is the Falcon and was the first organism of the ancient Egyptian Abdo, and it was Besmie (Hyro) meaning (which is higher) or (that above), and Horus is the Lord of Heaven and the symbol of the sacred property, in the body of Falcon, an alarming bird with dangerous claws, and it is known that Falcon wings represent the sky and his For Double, the one who symbolizes the control of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt, the Cobra Snake, the Lord’s protector of the king, was considered the symbol of goodness and justice, the son of Osiris God of Resurrection and reckoning in the Egyptian ancient Egyptians, and the nation of Isis the goddess of the Moon and Magic, and from the ancient Egyptian spells we find many in the picture The Eye of Horus is called “Gat,” and attached to the chest.

Maat Maat (16 Sep-15 Oct)
Are the gods of “justice”, “right”, the cosmic Order, and “good manners”, and for this the feather on the top of the afterlife is a distinctive center, where it is measured for the feather of the right “maat” the weight of the heart of the dead to know what the deceased did in his life of a righteous life together straight and consistent with the ” A liar. It is found in the Book of the dead that at the expense of the deceased in the other world the heart of the dead was placed on the balance in the hand and feather of the gods at the second cuff. If the feather is weighted, it enters the paradise of the “Eraro fields”, or if the heart is weighted, it goes to the courtyard and the Egyptian beliefs represent it in the form of a predator beast named Amma’mut, the head of the crocodile and his body the lion’s body and the posterior part of the hippo’s body. The other World court body consisted of 42 machines in the number of provinces of Egypt, headed by Osiris.

Ozir (Osiris) Osiris (16 October-15 November)
He and the secret of the Eternal Lord of Eternity, the god of the Western world (the World of the dead) is a man-made symbol of the crown, the head of the Trinity General “Osiris-Isis-Hor”. God of Resurrection and reckoning he is the president of the death Court of the Egyptians and he is also the plant God.

Hathor hator (16 Nov-15 Dec)
She is the goddess of heaven, Love, beauty, motherhood, childhood, happiness, music, and fertility, whose name means the house of Hor or the haven of Hor. She is the orphan who orphaned Horus, the son of Isis, and his birthmark. The mother of Horus and all nature became a symbol of heaven. And then she became the patron of the dead and put her soul not planted at their graves from the sycamore trees and then they highlighted from the twigs the body of the fruits and watering the thirsty people who fell asleep in the coward of death. They imagined that they sometimes roamed the desert west of the Nile in the body of the lioness to protect the graves there. Her name is still alive in the name of the third month of the Coptic Year (Hator) and enters the modern Egyptian calendar.

Anubis Anubis (16 December-15 January)
He is the god of the old dead with the head of the Jackal in hieroglyphics pronounced the name “Anbo”. It is also known as the Sambit. It serves as a guide for the dead-butts and the keeper of the other world. He was the cemetery machine, the embalming machine. Protects the tombs of Egyptians.