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Sun alignment Phenomenon – Abu Simbel Temple

Sun alignment Phenomenon – Abu Simbel Temple!

The event sun passes over the statue of Ramses were taking place on 21 October and February 21 before 1964 and after the transfer of the Temple of Abu Simbel from its old to its current location within the project to save the monuments of Nubia has become the incident is repeated on 22 October and Feb. 22 and to change the latitude and longitude after the transfer of temple 120 meters west and 60 meters high
A Global event for the sun passes over the face of a statue of King Ramses II at Abu Simbel temple, A rare astronomical phenomenon, which is repeated twice a year, on 22 October and 22 February, coinciding with the onset of agriculture in ancient Egypt, but Tamayora on his face Vetoakp in February with the beginning of the harvest season.