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Correcting misconceptions in Ancient Egyptian history.

Word hieroglyphics Language…… is a common error

The launch of the word (hieroglyphics Language ) is a common mistake and is not a language is a kind of ancient Egyptian writings…
Hieroglyphics. Is the Greek naming of ancient Egyptian scriptures that were inscribed on the walls of tombs and temples
It is a word that the ancient Egyptians did not called it on their writings,
But they called it ” mdo nter”  The holy Divine writing.

The spoken language is another completely different subject,
Ancient Egyptians in their spoken language launched several titles such as:
“Rankiima”. tongue of Egypt.
“Medtin Kimma” language of Egypt.
“Medit of the Kimma” language of the people of Egypt.

Writing hieroglyphics…Holy Divine Language,
is the written line in which the religious texts are codified, the preservation of this writing in its original formulation was a sacred religious duty, and the words of God must be constant, unchanged, not altered, and not distorted.

The ancient Egyptian used hieroglyphics in temples and cemeteries, inspired the letters of hieroglyphics from forms inspired by nature (animals, birds, parts of the human body, etc.)
Letters are not just sound values, but pictorial symbols of other meanings.